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Landscape Design Services

We believe that gardens should be delightful, outside, personal spaces for people to enjoy. It can be hard to visualize how a garden is going to look and work. We have tie-ups with the top landscape designers in Dubai, UAE, with the expertise and experience to deliver a wide range of landscape design services and solutions to meet any requirement.

At Interior Fitout - Dubai, we offer a full-service garden design consultancy, including landscape design, construction management, planting, and garden styling.

Our years of experience enable us to provide our clients with total professional landscape design services from initial enquiry through to delivery.

Landscape Design Services

Expert Landscape Designers

We get you the landscape Design experts that you deserve.

We Work to Get you the Right People

We know the experts of every landscape designing and exterior design domain, and thus get you the most efficient option for both residential and commercial landscape designing.

We Beget More Value for Your Spend

We cogitate every aspect of your request before we suggest an landscape designing expert to you and thus make it worth every penny you pay.

Quick Results in Short Time

We will fetch you quick results on your landscape designing enquires in a relatively short time to help you complete your projects faster and better.

Simple and Easy to Use

No additional paperwork or registration process. Just a single web-form. As simple as that.


We offer a full-service garden design consultancy, including landscape design, construction management, planting and garden styling in UAE.


The creation of beautiful innovative gardens and landscapes that deliver world class designs whilst enriching the lives of the people who use these outdoor spaces. We believe that full collaboration with our clients is fundamental to the success of our projects.

Renowned within the industry for creating beautiful, well-constructed gardens optimally managed within time and budget, the Interior & Fitout - Dubai have built up an excellent reputation for garden design and landscape consultancy. Top creative professionals, the Garden Builders continuously delight their clients with projects and schemes rich in detail and interest. It can be difficult to visualize how a garden is going to look and work. Our approach is to listen carefully to what our clients are looking for in terms of function, design and planting. Working collaboratively, we develop a design brief and then shape the garden to meet their needs.

To realise your ideal garden, it is best to get a garden designer or landscape architect with recognised qualifications plus some years of experience to ensure your garden is constructed to the proper standard. Should you need help contracting professional service, we are very happy to recommend to you the garden designers we have built working relationships with over the years. We will recommend a garden designer that fits your requirements and budget.

If you have specific requirements and preferences, such as the use of sustainable and recyclable materials, environmental and green issues, wildlife and energy conservation, urban environment planning, and the like, it may be best to choose a garden designer who subscribes to green and environmental principles in their work.

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