Traditional Interior Design

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Classic Interior Design Styles

Classic interior designs are full of elegance, noble aesthetics, harmony and clarity of lines. The classical decoration is completely self-sufficient and neutral, so it never loses its relevance.

Giving your interiors a classical look means bringing them much closer to the earlier period. Classical interior design has its aura and is one that never goes out of style. The classic style of the interior over the years becomes more valuable, and despite the transience of trends in tastes, a classical house appearance remains in demand.

Classic Interior Design Styles

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Interior & Fitout is one of the top interior design consultants in Dubai, which specializes in delivering interior design, architectural, and creative space planning projects throughout the UAE.

Exactly what represents ‘traditional’ interior design is a subject of strong debate. For some, it’s all about the accessories – furniture, fixtures, ornaments, window dressings and so on. For others, traditional interior design is based around the selection of timeless colour schemes from years gone by. To us, however, traditional interior design is all about creating a reflection of the client’s personality and priorities.

You might tend to shy away from the traditional design out of fear that it's boring, predictable, stuffy—and it totally can be. But some of its facets are truly interesting, and since it incorporates a lot of antiques, the traditional design gives the opportunity to stumble upon some pretty cool pieces. But what exactly makes something "traditional," and just how far back does traditional go? We'll tell you everything you need to know, and maybe you'll be convinced that traditionally doesn't always equal staid.

Majlis Interior design is something that you’d admire if you’ve seen Arabic house designs in the past. Our expert designers from different nationalities and backgrounds give great Arabic Majlis designs in different styles such as Islamic, Arabic, Modern & Classic Majlis, and many others.

One thing that separates us from other interior fit-out companies in UAE is our team of interior designers. We harness and grow the talent of every member of our team to bring about new and modern concepts and ideas that represent the values of our clients. Beyond creating a traditional blend with modern and innovative designs, we improve the quality of spaces, translating to better living experiences.

If you are looking for an interior designer, architect, garden designer, upholsterer or curtain maker local to you, this will be the place to find them.

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